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Our mission is to provide customers with high quality natural supplemental and wellness products!

We are available daily and happy to help. Please visit one of our call us or send an email if you have a question or need guidance. Our online Superstore monitors emails and orders 24×7 and you can also email or call during its office hours M-F between 9-5 EST. 

About Us

CBD Health Superstore specializes in cannabidiol (CBD), as well as other holistic plants such as kava, tumeric, akumma, ginseng, ashwagandha and more. There is no other store offering so many products at such low prices in the world! We make it possible and easy for anyone to have complete access to all natural alternative wellness products from all parts of the globe. The CBD Superstore is not a marijuana dispensary and we do not require medical marijuana cards to purchase our products.

Our History

Our founder created the online CBD Health Superstore after direct experience involving not only family members but also close personal friends desperate to get relief after years of suffering due to various diseases, illness, and sickness. After hearing about CBD as a supplemental alternative to their ailments without the negative side effects that come with most traditional products. Having experience with friends and family who were taking opioids for a variety of reasons, we saw their benefits that CBD, Kratom, and Kava products had on pain relief as an alternative.

Visitors can easily browse our online store to learn how many individuals have found a better, healthier and more natural way of life.

Not only may CBD, Kratom, and Kava products help with pain relief, but it is reported that these natural alternatives may have other properties that may help individuals with epilepsy, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, oxidative stress, inflammation, chronic pain, sleep disorders and more. Our highly trained staff, who are all certified in the uses of CBD, are friendly and compassionate about helping customers find the right herbs, roots, and extracts for them.

We offer a variety of CBD, Kratom, and Kava products from tinctures to dog treats.